Your Nexus Podiatrist knows how to help you maintain good foot health.  Regular checkups and treatment when needed are important to reduce foot and lower limb problems.  Conditions such as corns, callus, warts, thickened toe nails, ingrown toe nails, fungal infection, athlete’s foot, cracked heels and blisters can all be treated.  Education is provided giving you an understanding of your condition and how to prevent or manage it.

People who have diabetes need to have regular foot and lower limb assessments at least 12 monthly.  Diabetes can cause changes to nerve endings, resulting in numbness, with the person being unaware of injury to their feet.  The injury may be slow to heal due to the diabetes, leading to a high risk of infection and other complications.

You can help prevent such complications by attending Nexus Podiatry.  We have a special interest in prevention of complications in diabetes.  We provide full detailed assessment and treatment along with education /self help courses which address prevention of diabetes related complications.

Nexus Podiatrist's have a special interest in providing self help and educational training courses.  We will be scheduling regular training courses with details appearing on our website - view Educational Training Courses.

Sport or regular exercise for all ages is important and a fun way to maintain or gain good health.  Research shows that regular exercise helps in the treatment of diabetes, maintaining a healthy blood pressure/cholesterol levels and the prevention of the onset of dementia.

See your Nexus Podiatrist for treatment of sport injuries which may include a biomechanical assessment of your lower body with a view to performance, safety and injury prevention.  Multiple treatment options are available and we provide a multi-discipline treatment approach when appropriate.  Advice on sporting footwear and injury prevention is also available.

Cycling Podiatry is a Nexus sports specialty.  Full dynamic podiatry and cycling biomechanical assessment is carried out and a setup of your own bicycle is offered to enhance your basic cycling technique - view Cycle Correct at Nexus Podiatry.  Specialized custom made cycling Orthotics are available.

Orthotics are available, both custom designed and off the shelf.  Custom designed orthotics are specially designed for your foot and help correct foot and leg function. They are necessary where pain or damaging forces exist, from incorrect lower limb biomechanics or injury.  Off the shelf orthotics are available and may be useful in minor conditions, some degree of modification to suit you can be undertaken by your Nexus podiatrist.

Do your childrens feet hurt?  Do they complain of foot or leg pain?  Do they have instability issues or trip frequently?  Does your child walk differently to other children?

If you have any concerns regarding your children’s feet, Nexus Podiatrists can undertake a foot posture and biomechanical assessment with a view to the treatment most appropriate for your child.

This is a gentle technique, applied by your podiatrist within your joints active range of movement. The aim is to improve or restore the movement to joints. This will reduce stress on the surrounding tissues enabling better joint function. This technique can be a great aid in helping the joints adapt to the correction made by custom made Orthoses. This will speed up the time period for you to get used to your new foot posture.

These two treatment techniques are used together in treating myofascial pain. Chronic muscle tightness, abnormal movement or overuse may result in localized areas of thickening, such as inflammation and fibrosis. Pain free, full motion is not possible because of stimulation of nerve endings. Successful treatment requires restoration of the full range of motion.  At Nexus we can give you a combination of deep tissue massage, with trigger point therapy of the exquisitely tender muscle point (active trigger point). This with the aid of mobilization/manipulation can give a successful result gently.

Many people suffer from an ingrown toenail. If this condition is treated quickly and effectively, discomfit can be prevented. If chronic or recurring, such as with people who have poor foot posture/poor footwear, or as a result of sporting activities, pain or infection may result. Your Nexus podiatrist can perform a simple procedure which removes the offending part of the nail permanently. This will prevent the troublesome area of nail from growing back while leaving the nail with an aesthetically pleasing shape. Local anaesthetic is used; no cutting of the skin is involved, the procedure taking around 30 minutes. Recovery time is very short, in most cases minimal discomfit is experienced and normal daily activities can be resumed the next day with care.  

Plantar warts (verruca), most commonly found on the underside of the foot and caused by a variety of human papilloma viruses. Warts are usually found in areas of irritation or where minor trauma to the skin has occurred. Treatments used at Nexus are dependent on patient’s medical history, age and preference.  The following topical products may be used: salicylic acid, potassium hydroxide crystals and cryotherapy which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart.  Gentle debridement will also be used by our clinicians in conjunction with these topical applications.  The procedure attended to with precision by your podiatrist so not to affect the surrounding skin, only the wart being exposed to the topical product.


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